Fernham Oxfordshire

Oxford Wargames Society Rules Played


This list is not complete as we are continually trying new stes of rules, but will give you an idea of the range of games we play


 Period  Rules  Scale  Notes
Ancients/Medieval FOG 15mm/25mm  
Ancients Warmaster 10mm  
Ancients/Medieval DBA 15mm/25mm Campaigns using club rules
Helenistic Club Rules 15mm  
Galleys Club Rules 1/600th  
Dark Ages Club Rules 15mm Saxons, Normans
Wars of the Roses Club Rules 15mm  
Medieval Skirmish Club Rules 25mm Based on LOTR
Fantasy Warhammer Fantasy 25mm Empire, Lizardman, Chaos, Ogres, Orc/Goblins, Dwarf, Bretonian, High Elves
Fantasy Club Rules 10mm  
Fantasy LOTR 25mm  
Renaissance Principles of War
English Civil War Principles of War 15mm/25mm  
English Civil War Club Rules 15mm  
Marlburian Club Rules 15mm Currently being written
Seven Years War Club Rules 15mm Currently being written
American War Independence Loose Files and American Scramble 15mm  
Napoleonic Club Rules 6mm Battalion Scale
Napoleonic Club Rules 6mm Brigade Scale
Napoleonic Ships Club Rules 1/1200th  
Plains Indians Club Rules 15mm  
Zulus Club Rules 15mm  
Nineteenth Century Bloody Big Battles (BBB) 15mm  
World War I Club Rules 15mm  
World War II Club Rules 15mm Skirmish
World War II Arc of Fire 20mm Skirmish
World War II Kampfgruppe Commander 2 ??? Divisional
World War II Spearhead 15mm Divisional


Below are some of the gametes we have created for participation games at shows and also for our December Inter Club Competition


 Name  Description  Scale  Notes
Ants Generate most flyers    
Cave Bear Impress the tribal shaman 25mm  
Rabbit Island Natural selection    
Gladiators   25mm  
Seagulls Get on eggs the quickest    
Trade Wars 500BC Take over the Med    
Medieval Plague Be the last clan alive 25mm  
Knight Riders Medieval race in the snow 25mm  
Ice Age Survive the Ice Age 25mm  
Elephant Hunt Get the most glory points 25mm  
Boromir Boromir protects Hobbits from three groups of Orcs/Goblins 25mm  
Cow Pest Medieval raiding parties 25mm  
Smugglers     Currently being written
Dinosaur Island Escape from the disonaurs 15mm